Bithumb Tiddrop Snapshot Korbit Listing Airdrop Pros How to Buy TDROP

Bithumb Tiddrop Snapshot Korbit Listing Airdrop Pros How to Buy TDROP

ddrop Snapshot Korbit Listing Airdrop Pros How to Buy TDROP

Hello? This is One Media.

Today, we will look at how to buy TDROP in advance. Also, let’s take a look at Bithumb’s TDROP snapshot and Korbit’s TDROP listing and airdrop benefits.

How to Buy TDROP: Buy TFUEL on Binance and then Buy TDROP

Binance is the largest and most popular exchange in the world.

To buy TDROP, you can purchase Theta Fuel on Binance and then TDROP.

Sign up for Binance.

Sign up for Binance via the link above to receive a 20% lifetime fee discount.

Deposit coins to Binance to purchase TDROP.

If you look at my previous article, I will introduce how to deposit and trade on Binance.

Install Metamask. After that, VoltSwap registers the Celta network in Metamask.

You can install Metamask by searching Google Chrome Metamask on your PC.

After accessing the Vault Swap through the link above, click Connect to a wallet.

Select Metamask wallet connection

If you click Theta Mainnet, the setting for using Theta Mainnet in MetaMask is completed.

If MetaMask asks if you want to switch to mainnet, you can do so.

Access MetaMask and check if theta network is selected properly. If the Theta network is well selected, copy your account and withdraw TFUEL from Binance as a metamask. Please test the withdrawal test for the first time only in small quantities.

Select Theta Fuel for From and TDROP for To, and press Swap. Just do a Confirm Swap and approve it in Metamask. So, voila, now TDROP is in Metamask.

Now, if Tiddrop TDROP is listed on Bithumb and Korbit, you can send TDROP from Metamask to Bithumb and Korbit.

Bithumb TDROP Snapshot

Bithumb is conducting TDROP snapshots.

In Bithumb, a new TDROP market will be added.

The snapshot event of TDROP will be taken at midnight on February 17, 2022 at 24:00, from the 17th to the 18th.

Snapshot target pays TDROP to members with Theta Coins within Bithumb.

TDROP snapshot quantity is (my theta holdings / total theta holdings of Bithumb at the time of the snapshot) * 3 million

If the number of Tiddrop Snapshots is greater than 2,000, the maximum amount of payment is up to 2,000.

Originally, TDROP airdrops were carried out in Theta Coin, but in this case, many exchanges did not support airdrops. (Possibility of application with a later notice)

Therefore, if you are going to list TDROP as late as Bithumb, you can take a new snapshot and pay TDROP, or you can list it without paying at all.

Kobit TDROP Airdrop and Listing

There were also TDROP Snapshots and Airdrops in Korbit.

However, Korbit did not express it as a snapshot, but as an airdrop.

TDROP Airdrop Time: February 14th

Payment Quantity Calculation Standard: Same as Bithumb

However, if the amount to be paid exceeds 1,000 TDROP, up to 1,000 TDROP will be paid.

Tiddrop Token Airdrop Expected Schedule: February 15th

no see.

Korbit has already conducted TDROP airdrops.

Korbit will be listing TDROP today.

On Korbit, TDROP deposits were available from 12:00 PM on February 16th, and transactions and withdrawals are available from 12:00 PM on February 17th.

In this listing, along with TDROP, the Ronin (RON) coin will also be listed.

However, the main reason for listing seems to be TDROP.

This is an introduction to TDROP written by Korbit.

In short,

TDROP is the governance token of the Theta NFT market.

After the theta drop launch, it has been distributed in the form of liquid mining.

Solve the problems of the NFT market

Minting, transaction fast + cost reduction

Governance Decentralization

Prevention of tidrap mining by bicycle lane

TDROP is the governance token of the Theta NFT market.

After the theta drop launch, it is being distributed in the form of liquid mining.

Solve the problems of the NFT market.

- Minting, fast transaction processing and cost reduction
    - Decentralization of governance

    - Prevention of TDROP mining by bicycle lane

no see.


TDROP good news

Theta coin is a good thing recently, and there is a partnership with Samsung Electronics.

This article can be found on Jangle.

Partnership: Samsung Electronics

This is a partnership agreement with Samsung Electronics.

A partnership with Samsung Electronics is not a huge boon!!

Moreover, this is a boon for TDROP (thetadrops). To commemorate the launch of the Galaxy S22, Samsung Electronics is distributing NFT. On theta network!

To receive Theta NFT, you must join the ThetaDrop (TiDrop) NFT Marketplace.

The first large-scale NFT project of Tidrop can be seen as Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S22 project.

The reason for listing Tidrop on the exchange was after Samsung Electronics announced good news. The NFT airdrop using Samsung Electronics’ TDROP works as a big boon, so it seems like TDROP, which will increase the trading volume, is trying to be listed on the exchange as soon as possible.

This article is not a recommendation to buy/sell Tidrop. If you want to trade TDROP, please do more research yourself before trading.

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