Nucypher Keep Network T T Token Upgrade Merger Good News

Nucypher Keep Network T T Token Upgrade Merger Good News

Hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, I would like to inform you about the good news that the T Token was born through the merger upgrade of NuCypher and Keep Network.

Binance, the largest exchange on the NuCipher Keep Network

Binance is the largest exchange in the world.

It is also the exchange where NuCyfer NU and KeepNetwork KEEP are traded the most. Also, first of all, it is an exchange that supports the upgrade of T token merger between NUCYPER (NU) and KEEP Network (KEEP).

If you would like to be the first to trade T-Token, which is a combination of NuCypher and Keep Network, please join Binance and trade. Since the premium difference with the domestic exchange is expected, it is possible to obtain a large profit after the upgrade of the NuCyper T Token of domestic Bithumb and Upbit.

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NuCypher Keep Network Coin T Token Merger Upgrade

Let’s take a look at the T-Token merger upgrade between NuCypher and KeepNetwork Coin.

Binance Will Support the NuCypher (NU) and Keep Network (KEEP) Token Merge | Binance Support

Binance Will Support the NuCypher (NU) and Keep Network (KEEP) Token Merge 2022-02-09 19:26 Fellow Binancians, Binance will support the NuCypher (NU) and Keep Network (KEEP) token merge to Threshold Network Token (T) . Further details about this change are shown in the timeline below: At 2022-02-10 0…

It’s well laid out in the Binance announcement, so I’ll give you a summary.

NuCipher NU and KeepNetwork KEEP will be merged into Threshold Network Token (T).

Schedule (Korean time)

February 10, 2022, 11am: NU and KEEP stop trading futures

Feb 10, 2022 15:00: Adjusted Leverage in Futures Trading

February 15, 2022 11:00: Futures trading close

February 15, 2022 15:00: End of interest payment

February 16, 2022 11:00: NuCyper stops deposits on the Keep Network

February 16, 2022 13:00: NuCyper stops trading on the Keep Network

It will be converted at the rate of 1NU = 3.26 T, 1 KEEP = 4.78 T

February 25, 2022, 11:00 T Token Trading Start

T Token Deposit, Withdrawal Announcement Scheduled,

The new T token ERC20 address is the yellow address

And on February 28, the announcement of the merger between NuCypher and Keep Network was posted.

Withdrawals are no longer possible for NuCipher and Keep Network.

There is a conversion function that can convert NU and KEEP to T tokens.

The new T-token contract address is the same as the yellow address.

However, what is important is the price of Binance’s T token.

It has been trading since February 25th, and it is currently trading at $0.1861, which has doubled from $0.0982?

What happened to the NuCypher price while the T token price doubled?

Upbit’s NuCyfer price.

The lowest price on February 25th was 541 won, and now it’s 743 won.

In the meantime, T Token has doubled, while NuCypher has risen by about 40%. Now, I wonder if it should have shown the same price movement if it was to be merged into the T token.

$1\ NU\ =\ 3.26\ T$1 NU = 3.26 T​

However, there is something to consider here.

1 Nuciper is 3.26 T tokens.

Calculating at the current price

The price of 1NU is 743 won.

The price of 3.26T is 741 won

So the price is right.

If you calculate the price on the 25th of February,

1NU = 541 won

3.26T is 391 won

no see.

If you had a Binance account at the time on February 25th, and knew that NU and KEEP would merge to form T Token, you had an opportunity to buy coins at around 40% cheaper. And now the price has doubled.

I knew at the time that T tokens were created, but I didn’t know that NU and KEEP were merged into a coin.

This is because buying the T token itself is buying the coin at a 40% discount. If I had known that I could buy the same coin with a 40% discount, I would of course have bought it.

In addition, NuCyfer and Keep Network each rank 130th in market capitalization, and when the two coins are combined, they are among the top 100 coins. It would be great if I could buy coins that are in the top 100 by market cap at a 40% discount.

But there is still a chance.

Binance has suspended trading on NuCypher.

However, Upbit is still trading as of March 1st, 6PM.

Upbit’s Nuciper will also convert to T-Token soon.

This creates chaos in the market, which in the meantime causes major price changes.

If the price of the newly created Upbit T token is cheaper than Binance, you can buy the T token from Binance with Upbit. You can also send.

Binance allows you to withdraw T-Tokens.

If Upbit upgrades the T token merger between NuCypher and Keep Network, you can withdraw T tokens from Binance directly and bring them to Upbit for sale.

Learn how to trade on Binance in advance, purchase T tokens before Upbit has T tokens, and seize the opportunity to easily earn profits when the price difference is huge.

This article is not a recommendation for buying or selling NuCipher, Keep Network, or T-Token, but rather an article explaining how to earn money with NuCyfer, Keep Network, and T-Token. If you want to trade network, nuciper, and T token, please learn more about the coin before trading.

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