Wave Coin Russia’s Good News and Reasons for Rising Market Price Prospect

Wave Coin Russia’s Good News and Reasons for Rising Market Price Prospect

Hello? Today, we will look at the Russian good news and reasons for the rise of Wave Coin, and take a look at the market price and outlook.

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Wave Coin Russia’s Good News

Let me tell you about the good news of Wave Coin in Russia.

Currently, Russia’s economy is in general shaken due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The economy is bad, so I have to exchange Russian money for foreign money, but I can’t convert it to dollars. So, there are so many people who buy virtual currency like Bitcoin. Also, there are already bank runs where banks cannot pay money.

Source: http://wiki.hash.kr/index.php/%EC%9B%A8%EC%9D%B4%EB%B8%8C%EC%A6%88

The reason Wave Coin is currently rising is

It is called the Ethereum of Russia.


because of.

Wave coin is said to be the Russian Ethereum.

Because Wave is a coin developed by Russian developer Alexander Sasha Ivanov on June 7, 2016.

Therefore, there are some people who buy Bitcoin in Russia, but it can be seen that there are many people who buy Wave Coin.

In July 2018, Wave Coin was ranked 48th with a market capitalization of approximately $300 billion, and is currently ranked 47th with a market capitalization of KRW 2.5 trillion. Wave Coin is a coin that keeps the market cap ranking well, and it can be seen that it raises the market cap well to the level that the market rises.

Wave Coin Good News 2 TVL Rise

The following is TVL rising data that acts as a good news for Wave Coin.

TVL stands for Total Value Locked, ‘how much money is in DeFi?’ no see.

Wave uses the LPoS method, which is a proof-of-stake method that issues new coins when you lend Wave coins to someone. Also, if you look at the current TVL, it is 1.7 trillion dollars, and the market cap is about 2 trillion dollars. In other words, close to 85% of coins are deposited in Wave DeFi.

For reference, the reason the Luna coin rises is because the TVL is very high, and the current wave is showing a similar pattern.

Wave Coin Price

The time when Wave Coin TVL started to surge just before March was on February 22.

If you look at the price of Wave Coin and the rising time of TVL, the graph shows a similar pattern.

And now that TVL continues to rise, we can expect even more price increases.

Wave good news 3 Wave 2.0 migration

Wave 3 is the wave’s 1 to 2 migration. Shows a lot of interest in that tweet!

What’s New in Wave 2.0

EVM Ethereum virtual machine support

New governance model

Cross Chain Finance: A Bridge to All Chains

Meta: Bridge to the Digital World

American company, accelerator

There are good things.

Many new features will be added.

Wave 4 : Partnership with AllBridge

Wave has partnered with AllBridge Allbridge.

Allbridge is a protocol that facilitates asset transfer between blockchains.

Wave is a partnership with Allbridge, which has a bridge function that converts coins that can be used in Near Protocol, Luna, Solana, etc.

Looking at the wave, there are so many good things.

Wave coin is a Russian coin, and Russian people are buying it due to the Russian bank run incident.

Wave Coin’s TVL is rising.

Wave Coin will be migrated to 2.0.

Partnership with Allbridge.

Wave Coin Prospects

Let’s take a look at the prospect of Wave Coin.

Wave Coin was installed on Microsoft’s cloud service Azure in May 2017.

The story that it was installed in Edger is that the technology has been verified.

That’s what happened in May 2017.

They probably have better technology now.

In addition, the prospects are bright as TVL is rising significantly.

One caveat, however, is that the Russian Ethereum can be sanctioned.

This article is not a recommendation for buying/selling Wave Coin. If you want to trade Wave Coin, please learn more and trade Wave Coin.

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