Argo SNT (Status Network Token) HIGH AIOZ SYN Coin Coinbase Listing Good News

Argo SNT (Status Network Token) HIGH AIOZ SYN Coin Coinbase Listing Good News

Hello? I am a dream capitalist.

It’s been a while since I wrote an article on how to make money with MovieBloc, but suddenly I have a coin listed on Coinbase and I’m writing again!

Coins listed on Coinbase this time are Argo, SNT (Status Network Token), AIOZ, HIGH, and SYN, which are also famous in Korea.

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Golems are also listed.

For Golem, please refer to my previous article.

Argo SNT, HIGH Exchange Binance

Argo SNT can also be traded on Upbit and Bithumb on the Korean exchange.

However, the HIGH coin is not listed on the Korean exchange and can be traded on Binance.

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Please refer to the above article on how to deposit and trade on Binance.

Introduction of Argo, SNT, HIGH, AIOZ, SYN coins listed on Coinbase

Here is a brief introduction to coin prices and coin information listed on Coinbase.


According to CoinMarketCap, Argo is ranked 400th with a market cap of 94 billion won.

The current price is displayed a little lower, but it seems that the price reflection is a little slow.

Argo Coin surged after the announcement of Coinbase listing.

The coin, which was around 240 won, rose to 280 won in an instant.

This is the part that shows the impact of the Coinbase listing.

This is the introduction of Argo Coin written on the Upbit homepage.

Argo Coin is an open source hybrid blockchain platform for businesses. It hosts the Argo Chain-based blockchain app, and Argo Coin can be used on the platform as a utility token.

Can be used to store and access databases.

Proof of Authority (PoA) method is used.

We pursue a fast, secure blockchain and developer-friendly blockchain.


SNT is a coin that was famous in the past.

Although it showed a high price increase, it showed a big price decrease.

It is the coin with the highest market capitalization among the coins listed on Coinbase today. Its current market capitalization is about 240 billion won, and it is ranked 191 in the market capitalization ranking.

SNT also saw a significant rise in price right after the announcement of Coinbase listing.

The price went up from around 68 won to over 72 won.

It still seems like a long way to go compared to the past, but since it is listed on Coinbase, it has a higher chance of rising from now on.

Status Network Token pursues private and secure communication. Status is a message app that uses the latest technology, a high-security app, a coin wallet, and a web3 browser.

It feels like KakaoTalk.

HIGH high coin

Hicoin This is a miserable coin listed on Binance.

I think I heard it for the first time today.

Hicoin currently ranks 525th with a market capitalization of 57.2 billion won.

Although the price rose sharply on the good news of the Coinbase listing on Binance, it immediately fell again due to the sell-off of holders, almost falling right before the listing announcement. Compared to Argo and SNT, it has fallen too much.

What’s even more bleak is that it has continued to decline in a cascading way since the listing…

I didn’t want to know more about Hicoin, but I had to introduce myself to you, so I did more research.

I looked at the Hicoin website.

We are holding an Initial Home Offering.

haha what do you mean

It is said that a house that can be used in the metaverse space is for sale.

The art side seems to be doing pretty well though.

The first picture and the animation above are also good to look at.

It is made with this level of quality, but I feel a little sad that the price has gone down.

Let’s take a look at Hicoin like this.


Next is AIOZ Network.

Based on CoinMarketCap, it has a market cap of 83 billion won and is ranked 420th.

Excerpts from the AIOZ website.

The AIOZ network is a layer-1 blockchain with full interoperability between Ethereum and Cosmos. AIOZ uses EVM and WASM smart contracts to rapidly build dApps, providing instant maturity and low TX fees, while leveraging a multi-chain architecture with infinite horizontal scalability.

AIOZ appeared to solve the expensive fees of Ethereum.

It is said that DApps can be created quickly, transaction costs are low, and it has infinite horizontal scalability.

You can think of it as a project similar to Solara and Polkadot in that it made the transaction fee low.

Next is the SYN coin.

I went public on Coinbase, but it went down…


If it were me, I wouldn’t buy this coin.

The price fell by 6%, but the market cap remained the same.

Either you issued a huge number of tokens in just one day, or your market cap is wrongly measured.

SYN Coin is a cross-chain bridge, stable swap.

bridge between chains

coin swap

interest farming

It provides functions such as

If it were me, I would use uni-swap.

Coins listed on Coinbase were introduced today.

However, today, if you include Argo, SNT (status network token), High, SYN, AIOZ, and Golem, there are a total of 6 coins listed.

If there are too many listings at once, the trading volume tends to be dispersed and the price does not go up well, even if it is a good news for a Coinbase listing.

The above article is not a recommendation for buying or selling coins. This is a simple introduction, and if you want to trade coins, please do more research before trading.

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