Cello CELO Upbit KRW market listing favorable market outlook

Cello CELO Upbit KRW market listing favorable market outlook

Hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, let’s take a look at the good news of Cello CELO’s listing on the Upbit KRW market.

Cello CELO Largest Exchange Binance Fee Discount

Binance is the world’s largest CELO exchange.

Many coins listed on Upbit are listed on Binance.

Binance CELO rose from $2.5 to $4 shortly after Upbit’s listing announcement, and is now trading above $3.

In addition to Cello CELO, numerous coins that have been listed on Upbit so far, such as Axi, Sandbox, Decentraland, Solana, etc., were listed on Binance first. I could.


When you sign up for Binance via the link above, you will receive a 20% discount on lifetime spot trading fees and 10% discount on futures trading fees.


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Upbit Cello Network listed on CELO Network

On Upbit, Cello was listed on March 17th at 16:00.

Upbit announced the CELO announcement of additional digital assets in the KRW won market at 11 am on March 17th.

KRW market: CELO listing

CELO only supports mainnet network deposits.

CELO was originally listed on the Upbit BTC Market.

This is the current status of Upbit CELO BTC market.

At 11 o’clock, it rose to 0.00014 BTC, about 7,000 won.

Since then, the price has declined to keep pace with the market.

The transaction amount is also huge.

It’s a trading volume that doesn’t come up well in the bit market.

The daily trading volume was about 81.5 billion.

In particular, it recorded a very high trading volume at 11 o’clock when the listing announcement was announced.

Binance Cello was less volatile than that.

At 11 o’clock, it rose to about 4 dollars and about 5,000 won,

One minute later, it fell very sharply to around $3.2.

After that, it went up and down repeatedly until it was listed on Upbit.

Cellocoin is oriented towards the above structure.

The purpose of Cello Coin is to help users who are unfamiliar with using virtual currency to easily use cryptocurrency.

For the above purpose, the design is divided into three phases: blockchain, cello core contract, and application.

Cello Blockchain: It refers to the mainnet blockchain of Cello.

Cello Core Contract: It refers to the main contract of Cello.

Application: This is an app created using the Cello blockchain. When accessing applications, using Cello Wallet makes it easy and secure to use blockchain apps.

Cello is a blockchain specifically specialized in finance.

reshape the local economy,

The local economy wants to revive the global ecosystem,

We develop products for the prosperity of all.

we are cello

Statistical data on the Cello website.

A total of over 100 million transactions were made,

One block is being created every 5 seconds.

689 days eco-friendly

They charge a fee of $0.001.

Checking the Cello Alliance, I was surprised to find Klaytn!

In 2020, Klaytn joined the Cello Alliance.

But these days, it doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything that has much to do with Cello.

Cello price forecast

Cello is the 69th coin with a market capitalization of 1.5 trillion won based on CoinMarketCap.

CoinMarketCap’s market capitalization was listed on Upbit today, and you can see a significant rise.

The global market price is 3588.26 won.

It is most accurate to look up the price on the platform you mainly trade on, such as Upbit or Binance.

In the case of Cello, it is a coin that aims for an easy blockchain experience, so development seems to be relatively easy.

However, it does not seem that many cello dapps have been developed yet.

Therefore, if Cello DApp is developed, especially if one big financial app succeeds, Cello’s value will jump very high.

This article is not a recommendation to buy or sell Cello. If you want to trade Cello Coin, please do more research on Cello Coin before trading.

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