Kyber Network Kyber Swap Avalanche Partnership Reasons for Upside

Kyber Network Kyber Swap Avalanche Partnership Reasons for Upside

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Today, we will tell you about the favorable interest rate and the reason for the increase in KyberNetwork KyberSwap.

Trading KyberNetwork Coins on Binance

Binance is the largest exchange for KyberNetwork coins.

Currently, Korea shows a lot of trades, so for spot trades, Upbit has a higher volume than Binance.

However, in the case of futures trading, Binance KNC has a trading volume of US$1 billion, or about US$1.2 trillion, showing that Binance dominates trading.

If you sign up for Binance via the link above, you will receive a 20% discount on lifetime trading fees.

Also, if you read the article I introduced earlier, you can verify Binance, deposit money on Binance, and trade spot and futures on Binance.

For reference, according to Kingfisher, the current Kyber Network liquidation map is as above. Please refer to the transaction.

KyberNetwork Kyber Swap Favorable Market Price Comparison

Almost a month ago I wrote an article about Kyber Swap on KyberNetwork.

At that time, the price of KyberNetwork Coin was $2.99.

It’s under $3!

It has risen more than 50% in a month since I wrote the Kyber Network article, and it is currently trading at around $4.6.

At that time, I mainly introduced Kyber Swap, and he said that the Kyber Network market price could rise significantly depending on the favorable news of Kyber Swap.

KyberNetwork Avalanche Partnership

Recently, Kyber Network has partnered with Avalanche.

Avalanche has a market capitalization of 25 trillion won, and according to CoinMarketCap, it is a huge coin that ranks 10th in the overall ranking. This partnership with Avalanche has been a huge boon for KyberNetwork.

In fact, on April 11th, when news of the KyberNetwork and Avalanche partnership was announced, there was a huge jump in KyberNetwork.

According to Kryptos, the 24-hour trading volume as of April 13th

Kyber Network ranked first in trading volume with about 550 billion won, beating Pancake Swap and Uniswap.

A huge rise in KyberSwap developed by KyberNetwork!!

KyberNetwork says:

follow me.

Juicy Yields (Tasty Interest), Juicy Yields, Juicy Yields!

That means your interest rates are really high.

sAvax – UST interest on Kyber Swap is over 10,000%.

Also 14544% for sAVAX – USDC.

That’s huge interest. If you receive interest in only 3 days, you will have more than enough money to withdraw!

However, since the TVL is low, the interest rate will decrease sharply if many people deposit.

According to the Crypto Crunch app

The coin that rose the most in the 24-hour 0xPolygon ecosystem is

The first is KyberNetwork.

Upbit, not 0x protocol, also showed the most rise.

The increase rate of KyberNetwork was 18.8% from the previous day, the highest on Upbit.

In addition, although the transaction amount is now boiling with Zilliqa, Kyber Network slightly leads with 396.8 billion won.

Kyberswap website.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Total Trading Volume volume is 6.99B = $7 billion = $7 trillion.

The 24-hour trading volume is about 23 billion won.

TVL is about 150 billion won,

Total liquidity is about 20 trillion won.

The total user revenue is about 100 billion won.

Kyberswap is working with so many blockchains.

KyberNetwork, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Phantom, Kronos, Arbitrum, VELAS, Aurora, Oasis

KyberNetwork Outlook

Kyber Swap is currently the most pushed DeFi platform on KyberNetwork. We also have partnerships with a lot of coins.

The Kyber Swap, which is the biggest push on the Kyber Network, shows the most transaction volume among the apps launched, and holds the most TVL, seems to determine the price of the Kyber Network coin.

In contrast to the article I posted on March 9, after the KyberSwap launch, I saw the efforts put into KyberSwap, such as forming a partnership with Avalanche to bring great positive results.

KyberSwap – Swap and earn tokens at the best rates

KyberSwap is DeFi’s first Dynamic Market Maker; a decentralized exchange protocol that provides frictionless crypto liquidity with extremely high flexibility and capital efficiency. KyberSwap is the first major protocol in Kyber’s liquidity hub.

It seems that the price of KyberNetwork will be determined by how Kyber Swap goes in the future.

Of course, it will also be heavily influenced by Bitcoin, but that aside.

If you want to know the price of Kyber Network, you will need to constantly monitor how Kyber Swap changes.

This article is not a recommendation to buy or sell KyberNetwork. If you want to trade on the Kyber Network, please find more information before trading.

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