Tron USDD stablecoin launch good news upside outlook FOMC meeting summary

Tron USDD stablecoin launch good news upside outlook FOMC meeting summary

hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, we will look at the positive outlook for the Tron USDD stablecoin launch.

In addition, let’s take a look at the good news of the FOMC meeting held at 3 am today.

Binance World’s Largest Tron Friendship Exchange

Binance is the most TRON-friendly exchange and the largest exchange in the world.

Binance is the first major exchange to list Tron’s hard fork airdropped coin called BitTorrent.

Justin Sun and Binance’s Changpeng Zhao seem to have a very good relationship, and in addition to BitTorrent, they have listed a number of Tron-type coins such as Sun SUN Coin and Just JUST WIN Coin, which is not well known in Korea.

Therefore, for those who want to receive TRON-related support, trading TRON-related coins on Binance is highly likely to receive upgrade support in the future.

You can get a 20% discount on lifetime trading fees on Binance.

The above article I wrote earlier explains how to use Binance in an easy way. If you are new to Binance, it may be difficult to verify Binance, deposit to Binance, and trade.

US FOMC meeting good news

Before talking about the good news for Tron USDD, let me tell you about the good news of the US FOMC meeting.

To summarize the US FOMC data:

The interest rate is raised by 0.5%p.

This is what everyone expected.

However, the Fed statement

1 Despite the contraction in the economy in the first quarter, spending and investment are still strong, and there is also the risk of inflation.

2 Jobs continue to grow

3 Supply chain deterioration continues due to war, Corona, China lockdown, etc.

4 We can go back to 2% inflation. Therefore, it is likely to implement appropriate monetary policy.

5 Start tightening on June 1st.

6 You can close after maturity without buying any more bonds that are due to maturity.

7 Treasury bonds will start selling 35 trillion won and will sell up to 75 trillion won

8 MBS is also sold.

9 Balance sheet shrinkage can be temporarily reduced to reduce market shocks.

10 The Fed may change its austerity policy depending on economic conditions.

It is said.

It is said that putting the 10 clue at the end can negate all of the above, but in any case, considering the situation so far, it is as expected by everyone.

However, according to Powell, he is not considering a 75BP increase.

At the next two Fed FOMC meetings, it said it would raise 50 BP.

This is a huge boon.

The Fed’s fomc meeting will also be held in June.

By the way, at the Fed meeting in June, everyone was expecting a 0.75 percentage point increase, but the Fed talked about a 0.5 percentage point increase.

Therefore, in the past, people had sold stocks and coins for fear of greater austerity, but they started buying stocks and coins again due to a smaller increase in interest rates than expected (the size of the bad news became smaller).

So, Bitcoin is bullish, showing a very big upside.

It temporarily broke the $40,000 mark, and it is still at $39,900.

Thank you, Brother Powell.

Tron USDD stablecoin launch good news

Tron will launch USDD stablecoin soon.

Tron has decided to launch the USDD stablecoin on May 5th.

As a Tron-based stablecoin, APY (annual interest) is expected to be 30%.

It is said to be accessible on the Ethereum and Binance smart chains.

It is said to be managed by ‘Tron Dao’, a decentralized autonomous organization that is not managed by the Tron Foundation.

Recently, as the Near Protocol launched USN, it rose significantly, and even when Bitcoin fell, it did a good job of defending the price.

According to the article, Near Protocol is also managed by the decentralized autonomous organization DAO.

However, there was a bit of a disappointment as the APR of the Near Protocol fell short of the expected 20%, which was around 10%.

However, in the case of Tron, APY is receiving a great response in that it pays higher-than-expected interest in the 30% range.

Let’s take a look at the Tron price.

Tron is currently 103 won.

It peaked between 8:00 and 9:00 and fell, but it is still high and is trying to rebound after the FOMC meeting to reach the high.

The reason Tron’s price has risen this way is thanks to expectations for the good news of the USDD stablecoin launch.

Ahead of the launch of the USDD coin, Tron has shown a significant price increase a few days ago.

In the case of Luna, Binance recently supported deposits and withdrawals for the UST stablecoin.

As Luna listed UST on Binance, people’s trust in UST grew even greater, and Luna’s representative metropolitan government was able to use the strategy of buying Bitcoin through UST.

The listing of the Luna stablecoin UST on Binance is a huge boon for Luna.

Tron’s USDD is also likely to be listed on Binance.

This is because Binance is the most reliable support for TRON.

I don’t know when it will be listed, but it is very likely that it will be listed after USDD stabilizes.

Let’s take a look at Tron’s prospects.

Tron’s DeFi and DApp ecosystems are expanding day by day.

There are many more DAPPs than this now and they are running well.

Also, a huge boon, the stablecoin USDD will be launched soon.

In fact, being able to achieve a stable 30% APY could be a huge boon for Tron.

If more DApps appear, and if DeFi, games, and M2E appear in the Tron ecosystem and achieve great success, it will be of great help in increasing Tron’s market value.

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