Sandbox Coin Coinbase Listing Good Game Development Acquisition

Sandbox Coin Coinbase Listing Good Game Development Acquisition

hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, we will introduce the good news of Sandbox Coin’s listing on Coinbase and the acquisition of Cualit, a game development company.

Sandbox ICO Exchange Holds Highest Volume Binance

Binance is an exchange that conducted a sandbox launchpad (ICO).

Sandbox conducted the Launchpad on Binance and showed a whopping 100,000% increase from the launchpad price of $0.008333 (KRW 10) to $8.4876 (USD 10,000). It ranks 3rd in growth among all launchpads on Binance.

$0.008333 equals the ICO price of Sandbox Coin.

Most people around the world who have succeeded with coins are on Binance. This is because if you get a good chance with just one sandbox coin, you can make huge profits.

If you sign up for Binance via the link above, you will receive a 20% discount on lifetime trading fees.

Binance Membership Sign up How to sign up 20% discount on fees including Google OTP

Binance Membership Sign up How to sign up Verification Google OTP included, 20% discount on fees Link How are you? dream…

For those who are new to Binance, we have introduced how to sign up for Binance, how to deposit to Binance, and how to trade on Binance.

If you are new to Binance, simply follow the steps above to learn how to trade on Binance and easily participate in Launchpad in the future.

Sandbox Coin Listed on Coinbase

Sandbox will be listed on Coinbase.

The Sandbox (Sand) coin will be listed on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro on May 26th.

The Sandbox -> Coinbase Pro

The above was also posted on Coinbase’s official Twitter account.

Coinbase operates the Coinbase official account and Coinbase Asset Twitter account for listing.

Listing information can be found on Coinbase Assets Twitter.

Coinbase will support adding a sandbox.

Deposits of sandbox coins are supported in regions where Coinbase and Coinbase Pro trading are supported.

Trading commences when liquidity is judged to be sufficient on or after May 27, 1:00 AM KST.

In Upbit, as soon as the good news about the Coinbase listing was announced, there was a reaction from the sandbox coin.

It rose vertically from 1,620 won to 1,745 won. But now, it seems to have stalled for a while.

There seems to be no huge rise due to the recent bad mood of the coin, but we do not know what will happen when Koreans wake up tomorrow, so we will have to wait and see.

Let’s check it based on Binance’s weekly wage.

It has been on a downward trend since its initial listing price of $0.00833 to $8.4876.

Currently, it is forming around $1.315, and upbit is trading at 1,700 won.

One hopeful thing is that the Wemix coin recently rose more than 150% after reaching the lowest price of 2,000 won or less and exceeded 5,000 won. Sandbox, a governance coin of similar P2E and Metaverse, is also likely to rise significantly.

I brought data from the Binance Launchpad in the sandbox.

If you can’t see it well, please touch it.

Launchpad was conducted around August 2020.

Launchpad was launched at a very cheap price of $0.008333 per sandbox.

At that time, it was conducted through a lottery method rather than the current subscription method.

A total of 3 million USD was provided by Launchpad (Exchange ICO, IEO).

The price of $0.008333, which is the same as the ICO price, is very attractive. And it can be seen that it was very successful to achieve a 1000x increase after proceeding with the launchpad.

As I previously introduced, the sandbox is a platform where anyone can develop games.

It is a scalable project like Roblox or Minecraft.

Therefore, as the number of sandbox developers increases, the sandbox is a huge boon, and if a game is successful, the number of users increases exponentially.

Until listing on Coinbase, we need to watch how the price changes immediately after listing.

Acquisition of sandbox game development company Cualit

Sandbox acquired a company called Culit, a game development company.

This information is publicly available on Xangle.

Culit is a full-stack game development company based in Uruguay.

Full stack refers to a company that develops the entire server system, including game client, server, design, and planning.

Sandbox seems to have a goal of acquiring a game development company called Cualit to develop hit games using Sandboxle Coin.

Sandbox has already flagged the company.

It seems that there are 30 people at the top and 45 people at the bottom including the person hiding in the back. The total number of people is 75, which can be seen as a company with enough manpower to develop a slightly larger-scale game among small and medium-sized developers in Korea.

I went to Caulit’s success story page.

You can check it out at , but it seems that he has experience in launching several projects and helping other projects as it is also large.

We’ve launched several projects, and we’re guessing that there was probably a game in the making before it was taken over by the sandbox.

I wonder if the sandbox took over the company after going to the sandbox to get an investment. (Then, will there be a game that pushes the sandbox very soon?)

Above, we looked at the good news of Sandbox’s listing on Coinbase and the acquisition of a game development company called Caulit.

This article is not a recommendation for buying or selling sandbox coins. If you want to trade sandbox coins, please do more research yourself before trading.

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