Binance Luna Coin 2.0 Listing Airdrop Good News Gate Io Kucoin Bybit

Binance Luna Coin 2.0 Listing Airdrop Good News Gate Io Kucoin Bybit

hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, I would like to introduce the Luna 2.0 coin listing and airdrop on Binance, as well as additional listing exchanges and Kucoin.

Prior to writing, many people, including myself, who bought Luna Coins, are having a hard time. Even those who have been holding and staking Luna Coin for a long time are said to have a huge loss.

This article is not a recommendation for buying or selling Luna 2.0 Coins.

I would like to inform you in advance that I will sell all the Luna Coins 2.0 I have in my possession once the Luna 2.0 Coins are listed on Binance.

Listed Exchange Binance for Selling Luna 2.0 Coins

Binance announced the listing of Luna Coin 2.0.

As a result, it appears that Luna can be traded on Binance after the Luna coin is listed on Binance.

If you sign up for Binance via the link above, you will receive a 20% discount on trading fees on Binance for life. Luna Coins to be listed in the future will also be included in the transaction fee discount.

Binance is a land of opportunities to make big money with your coins. There are a lot of people who made a lot of money on Binance among those who got rich with coins.

On Binance, you can make money on the launchpad, interest income, pre-trading coins listed in Korea, arbitrage trading with Korea, and more.

Even if you lose a lot to Luna, it’s a good idea to join Binance and learn how to use it, especially for Launchpad earnings, to seize other opportunities.

The above article explains in great detail how to sign up for Binance and how to use it.

If you are using Binance for the first time, it may be difficult to sign up for membership, verify your identity, deposit coins, and trade coins.

Binance Luna 2.0 Listing Announcement and Airdrop Volume Confirmation

Binance has announced the listing of Luna Coin 2.0.

Let’s take a look at Binance’s announcement.

Binance Lists Terra 2.0 Luna in Innovation Zone.

Trading between LUNA/USDT and LUNA/BUSD begins.

Deposit and withdrawal available date and time: May 31, 2022 at 2:30 PM (Korea time)

Listing date: May 31, 2022, 3pm (Korean time)

Binance supports the airdrop of Luna Coins announced by the Luna Foundation.

All LUNC and USTC holders will receive Luna 2.0.

1 UST holder before attack = 0.018277 Luna airdrop.

1 LUNA holder before attack = 1.034735 Luna airdrops.

After attacking, 1 USTC holder = 0.023548 Luna airdrop.

After attack, 1 LUNC holder = 0.0000153 Luna airdrop.

If you have Luna on Binance, please refer to the airdrop material carefully.

Let’s take a look at the caveats of this listing announced by Binance.

First of all, Luna Coin will be listed in the Innovation Zone. This is usually where coins with low market capitalization or low recognition are listed.

Things to remember:

Coins listed in the Innovation Zone are volatile and have a higher risk than other tokens.

Terra Luna 2.0 is a new token that may involve higher-than-normal risks and may experience price volatility. Before trading any tokens, please ensure that you perform sufficient risk management, do your own research on the basics of Luna, and fully understand the project.

Hazard warning:

Cryptocurrency trading is highly exposed to market risk. You must trade with caution.

Binance is not responsible for any losses.

All investments are the responsibility of the investor, and the investment is at the investor’s own risk. You should know yourself well and consult with your financial advisor before trading.

Binance is not responsible for any decisions you make to buy, sell or hold digital assets.

Some exchanges have already listed Luna.

It is an exchange called Bybit.

Bybit is a futures exchange, and it is said that it is currently pumping around Luna deposits and withdrawals. Please refrain from trading if possible, as this may expose you to the risk of very large price fluctuations.

The price is listed at 0.5 USD, and after raising it to 30 USD, the price is currently formed at about 5.2 USD.

Luna is also listed on the Kucoin exchange.

Kucoin can deposit and withdraw money.

Because Kucoin allows Luna deposits, it is trading at a lower price than Bybit, which blocks deposits and withdrawals.

On Kucoin, it rose to a maximum of $11.85, but is currently trading at $4.8999.

Luna coin is also listed on gate io.

Gate io is trading for $5.2562.

Gate io can deposit and withdraw money.

Although Kucoin and Gateio are both exchanges that allow deposits and withdrawals, the price difference between exchanges is very large.

Please be aware of the price fluctuations of Luna Coins, and refrain from trading unless there is a compelling reason to trade Luna Coins.

According to CoinDesk

According to the “Tera Ecosystem Collapse”, projects on the Terra platform are preparing to switch to other chains such as Polygon and Klaytn, and in fact, many projects are migrating.

Perhaps, if it is not a project developed by Terra Labs, almost all coins in the ecosystem will migrate to other chains.

In addition, it is expected that there will not be many projects developed on the Luna Terra platform for the foreseeable future.

1) Terra Coin that gave me a very painful ordeal

2) US SEC is investigating Terra

3) Can be a target for investigation by Korean, Singaporean or global police

Just by launching a project, it can become a target for investigation as a reference in the police, and there is a possibility that some of the projects that have already been launched on the Terra Luna platform will also be summoned as a reference.

Projects launched in the Terra ecosystem are highly likely to be projects developed on the Terra platform or a project that received a large amount of money from the Terra platform, as a very difficult situation may arise that requires even a police investigation while the project is being carried out.

We recommend that you avoid trading high-risk Luna Coins whenever possible.

This article is not a recommendation for buying or selling Luna Terra Coin. If you want to trade Luna Terra coin, please do more research before trading.

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