Pundi X Coin Rising Positives XPOS Posting Turkey

Pundi X Coin Rising Positives XPOS Posting Turkey

hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, let’s take a look at the good news of the XPOS Posgi Turkish store contract, which is the upside of Pundi X Coin.

Binance, the world’s largest exchange in Pundi X

This sharp rise in Pundi X started with Binance, the largest overseas exchange in Pundi X.

Binance is the largest exchange in the world.

Pundi X is also the exchange with the highest trading volume.

Why do so many people use Binance?

Buy at a low price and sell at a high price with abundant liquidity

Revenue through Launchpad

Pre-purchase coins listed in Korea

Upbit, arbitrage with Binance

Because you can make money through it.

Today, let’s take a look at Pundi X’s good news and how to make money through arbitrage trading.


Sign up for Binance via the link above to receive a 20% discount on lifetime trading fees.

You can also get a discount on commissions, and you can make a lot of money through the above trading methods.


If you are new to Binance, read this article to learn how to use Binance.

Join Binance

Binance Identity Verification

Binance Coin Deposit

How to trade on Binance

can be easily learned.

Pundi X favorable coin transaction

Pundi X is a supplier of XPOS machines.

POSGI ​​is a machine used for payment.

When you go to a convenience store or restaurant in Korea, you use a POSGI ​​to pay for your credit card.

Pundi X’s XPOS allows you to pay for goods or purchase coins with coins.

Pundi Coin is a coin widely used in Southeast Asia.

Recently, many countries have problems with exchange rates due to inflation and interest rates, etc. In these countries, Pundi X is a suitable method for storing and paying value.

Pundi X has opened a new store that accepts Pundi X coins in Turkey (Turkey).

It’s a company called Ersa.

You can use Pundi X here.

You can also buy and sell bitcoins.

Pundi X published the 24th issue of Pundi X Labs Weekly Roundup around 6pm.

Pundians, Expos are great coin payment tools you know.

Let’s see what happened at Pundi X last week!

You can buy and sell coins through POS.

Visit the Posgi shop in Turkier (Turkey).

Telegram Coin Monks AMA was held.

Take a look at the development of the Posgi Lightning Network.

We participated in the Singapore Blockchain Week 2022 after-party.

Pundi X Coin Exchange

Pundi X supports coin exchange for coin ERSA in Turkey.

Turkey is currently a country with huge money problems.

Inflation is crazy in Turkey.

Every day the value of money depreciates.

Bread that could be bought for 10,000 won today can be purchased for 10,500 won tomorrow.

Turkey’s inflation rate.

This is an increase of 101% compared to last year.

In addition to Turkey, inflation is a big problem in several countries such as Southeast Asia and Africa, and coins are almost the only hope.

In countries with severe inflation, there is no foreign exchange exchange, and even if it can be exchanged for dollars, etc., there is a limit on the amount. Korea is not free to buy dollars either. Various documents or reasons must be submitted.

In the case of Turkey, you can preserve the value by exchanging money into foreign currency as soon as you receive it, and Pundi X can do that for you.

This time, Pundi X’s Lightning Network is a good thing.

Lightning Network is a technology that processes coin transactions very quickly.

In the case of Bitcoin, the average processing time per block is about 10 minutes, and if the Lightning network is implemented, the transaction can be processed as soon as transmission starts.

Pundi X seems to implement it with XPASS, XWallet, Lightning Network, BSC-BEP20, etc.

It’s just a sneak peek, so I don’t know for sure.

Pundi X also participated in the Singapore blockchain after-party.

The X-Blockchain after-party was explosive.

amazing people


coin conversation

Expos Exhibition

great view

had a wonderful weekend with

Thank you all for coming. It was amazing.

Host: Pundi X, Litecoin Foundation, Function X

The main reason for Pundi X’s rise seems to have risen because Pundi X Coin is increasingly active in Southeast Asia and Turkey, which is facing inflation and national crisis, and is used as a coin that can preserve its value.

Of course, it didn’t happen in one day, but it seems that the narrative spread rapidly and led to a rise in prices as they recently held an AMA and set up a fundy exchange in the Turkish shop Ersa.

Binance and Korea Pundi X Coin Arbitrage

It is also true that the price of Pundi X Coin rose through good news.

However, price increases are also rising, but there is a way to make a profit with less risk in this case. You can immediately see profits through arbitrage trading of Pundi X Coins on Binance and Upbit Korea.

At 17:55 on Binance, the price of Pundi X Coin was $0.837. The price was about 1100 won in Korean won.

In less than a few minutes, you can see that there was a huge rise.

On the other hand, the price of Upbit’s Pundi X coin at the same time was only 645 won.

It was almost half the price.

In other words, if there is a big price difference between Binance and Korea, you can make a profit of 455 won per Pundi X coin if you buy Pundi X coin from Upbit Korea and then transfer Pundi X coin to Binance and sell it. . That’s 70% of the profit. If you had invested 10 million won, you would have made 7 million won in an instant.

Of course, you won’t be able to sell at the peak. Binance also seems to have dropped a lot during the transfer time from its peak. Nevertheless, if you bought it at 645 won, you could see a profit of over 15% even with the biggest drop in price.

In this way, there is often a phenomenon such as kimchi premium and reverse premium in Binance and Upbit where there is a price difference even for the same coin.

You can also get a 20% fee discount through the Binance fee discount link introduced at the beginning of this article, and learn how to trade by referring to how to use the Binance Exchange.

This premium seems to occur 2-3 times a month.

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