Dogecoin Rising New Reasons Positive Market Coin Prospects

Dogecoin Rising New Reasons Positive Market Coin Prospects

hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, we will look at Dogecoin, a new reason why the coin is rising, and take a look at the good news, price, and coin outlook.

Dogecoin Binance’s Largest Exchange

Binance is the largest exchange in the world.

Dogecoin is the largest meme coin in the world and has the highest trading volume on Binance.

Dogecoin trades about 1.5 trillion won per day on Binance USDT futures alone, which is about 10 times the trading volume of Upbit.

Binance has the highest trading volume and liquidity in the world, so you can buy the cheapest coins and sell the most expensive coins.

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At Binance

abundant liquidity

Revenue through Launchpad

interest income

Bitcoin transaction fee free

Upbit, pre-purchase of coins listed on Bithumb

Upbit, arbitrage trading with coins listed on Bithumb

You can make money through it.

If you are new to Binance, read the above article to learn how to use Binance easily.

Dogecoin New Rising Good News Payment System

What is emerging as a new upside for Dogecoin is the payment system.

I brought an article from CNBC in the US.

That’s what a guy named Mark Cuban said last year.

It has been said that Dogecoin is the most powerful virtual currency as a payment coin (mediator).

Although I trade a lot in USDT these days, until 2018, BTC was the trading standard on foreign exchanges.

Many traders bought Ethereum for 0.05 BTC. However, USDT is starting to gain momentum as more and more people want to know how much it is in dollars rather than how much it is in Bitcoin, and now more and more transactions are taking place in USDT.

However, Mark Cuban argued that Dogecoin is the most powerful coin for such a transaction or payment method.

One year ago.

He still makes the same argument today.

US Billionaire (Rich Over $1.3 Trillion) Mark Cuban said Dogecoin outperforms Cardano (Ada). Why?

The reason is as follows.

Ada has targeted Africa, but Africa is not using much Ada coin.

Ada smart contracts have been released, but they are also not widely used.

However, Dogecoin is currently doing a lot of good things.

Dogecoin is thinking of making Dogecoin a medium of exchange. That is, they are trying to use it as a payment method.

The Doge Coin developers have successfully tested sending Doge Coins without using the Internet.

Dogecoin is powered by satellite radio transmission, so no internet is required.

Mark Cuban tweeted about Doge Coin on the same day this year, around the same time as last year.

You didn’t take a good look at what I said before. That is (your) mistake.

Several news reports say that there are more apps on Doge Coin, but that’s not the case. Said there were more

I can buy a lot of things at places that accept coins as a payment method with Dogecoin.

So Dogecoin is more usable than Ada. good news

This is the story.

Mark Cuban is a fairly popular celebrity.

It currently has 8.8 million followers and follows 2075 people. Polygon, Jihan Woo, and others follow Mark Cuban.

I’m also a billionaire…

A famous person like this tweeted about the good news of Doge Coin, which is that it pays well, and from then on, Doge Coin began to rise.

FYI, Mark Cuban also owns a basketball team.

There is one coiner who always appears when talking about Dogecoin.

That’s Elon Musk.

Also called Doji Father, Doji’s Dad.

I think the picture above is the best NFT picture I’ve ever drawn.

Elon Musk is riding the Doji and holding the trophy.

And behind Elon Musk, there are tons of Doge Coins piled up like a mountain.

Elon Musk is the Dodge Father.

In the hand in the picture on the right, there is a puppeteer’s hand that controls Doge Coin and Doge Father…

It is no wonder that Dogecoin has risen very high thanks to Elon Musk. This is because Tesla stock has risen very significantly since the corona virus, and Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, supported Dogecoin.

Elon Musk also tweeted:

Dogecoin is swallowing up the global financial system.

In fact, Dogecoin may not be able to swallow the global economic system, but it seems to be interpreted as meaning that it can have a huge ripple effect.

Coins have had a major impact on the global economy…

Although the price has dropped a lot these days, it has a lot of negative impact…

Dogecoin price and outlook

Dogecoin quotes and forecasts.

Dogecoin price.

When Mark Cuban tweeted, it was around 95 won.

However, since the time Mark Cuban tweeted, Dogecoin has risen sharply.

Dogecoin initially rose to 113 won around 1 am on August 15th. But it went down right away.

And starting at 3pm today, Dogecoin started rising sharply again. This is because Block Media mentioned Mark Cuban’s tweet today and introduced the benefits of Doge Coin’s payment system.

Doge Coin is a huge coin with a market capitalization of 15 trillion won based on CoinMarketCap. It is ranked 10th by market capitalization.

The reason Dogecoin was able to form the top 10 by market capitalization is that the coin’s market capitalization rose very high during the cryptocurrency boom last year.

It can also be said that Elon Musk’s love of Doge Coins.

In order of reputation, I think Dogecoin is the second most famous coin after Bitcoin. Dogecoin seems to be more popular with the general public than Ethereum and Ripple.

There may be people among the general public who have not heard of Ethereum and Ripple, but Doge Coin is a meme coin and has the characteristic of being very easily spread to many different sites, so if you use the Internet, you will most likely have heard of it.

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