Binance Futures Short Short Bear Market How to Maximize Your Profit

Binance Futures Short Short Bear Market How to Maximize Your Profit

hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, we will look at how you can maximize your profits in both bearish and bull markets by short futures trading on Binance.

Binance World’s Largest Spot and Futures Exchange

Binance is the world’s largest spot and futures exchange.

According to CoinMarketCap spot exchange rankings, Binance has a daily trading volume of 28 trillion won. At the peak trading volume, it has recorded up to 130 trillion won.

The daily trading volume of KRW 28 trillion is equivalent to about 3% of the total market cap of the coin, and when trading for about 30 days, the trading volume is equal to the total market cap of the coin. Only on one exchange, Binance.

Its trading volume is 7 times higher than Coinbase, which is in second place.

Coinbase is the largest US exchange listed on the US NASDAQ with a market capitalization of about 20 trillion won. Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the US with 7 times the volume of trading.

In addition, FTX, which is on the rise recently, is showing a similar level of trading volume as Coinbase, recording 7 times more trading volume than FTX.

Binance’s futures exchange.

The daily trading volume on Binance Futures is 103 trillion.

This is about 9 times higher than the 11.5 trillion won of FTX, which is second.

In spot trading, it has 7 times more trading volume than FTX and Coinbase, and 9 times more than FTX in futures trading.

It is safe from rapid price fluctuations as it has high trading volume and liquidity, and it is the safest exchange in the world because it invests more than 100 billion won every year for security.

This is the invitation address for the world’s largest exchange, Binance Lifetime Spot Fees 20% Off + Futures Trading Fees 10% Off.

Through futures trading, we conduct futures trading to maximize profits in both bearish and bullish markets. We’ll show you how to sign up for Binance and start trading futures in a very easy way.

Advantages of joining Binance

Exchange with the best liquidity

The world’s largest security-level exchange

Bitcoin transaction fee free

interest income

Maximize Your Profits with Futures Trading

Upbit, pre-purchase of coins listed on Bithumb

Upbit, Bithumb and Market Profit Profit

Binance has so many advantages.

In addition to the above, Bitcoin transaction fees are free, you can earn daily interest income just by depositing money, and most of the coins listed on Upbit Bithumb are listed on Binance. and you can earn a profit from the market price.

How to use Binance is explained in the above article.

Binance is in English, so it can be a little difficult to use, so I explained all the terms in Korean and explained them in great detail.

It covers everything from signing up for a Binance membership, verifying your identity, depositing coins, and trading spot/futures.

If you are new to Binance, you can follow the above article. And if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in the comments and we will be happy to answer them.

Binance Upbit, Bithumb and Market Profit Profit

On Binance, you can earn capital gains between Upbit and Bithumb.

I just earned the above method yesterday, August 20th.

It is a very safe method, and it is the secret that I was able to safely achieve a return of 2000% in 3 months in 2017.

There are many different coin exchanges.

There are several types of domestic exchanges such as Bithumb, Upbit, Korbit, and Coinone, and there are large overseas exchanges such as Binance in foreign countries.

Importantly, the price of coins is different for each exchange.

The coin I earned yesterday is Ethereum Classic.

Let’s take a look at the Upbit price of Ethereum Classic yesterday.

At just 7 o’clock, or around 7 o’clock, the price of Ethereum Classic is about 49,250 won. Upbit in Korea costs 49,250 won.

At the same time, let’s take a look at the price of Ethereum Classic on Binance.

The price of Ethereum Classic on Binance was around $34.

At that time, the real exchange rate considering the kimchi premium was 1373 won.

So, calculated as 1373 won, 34 dollars is 46,682 won.

You can see that Upbit is 5.5% more expensive than Binance.

So, if you buy 10 million won worth of Ethereum Classic on Binance, send it to Upbit, and sell Ethereum Classic, you can earn 550,000 won.

However, there is one problem here.

It takes about 4 hours to transfer Ethereum Classic to Upbit.

In this case, if the coin price plummets during the transfer to Upbit, it will fall further and you may lose money.

So, what you need is futures trading.

Futures trading can also be viewed as short selling in stocks.

If you have cash, you can deposit your own money, sell coins in advance, and purchase them again later.

Since I bought 10 million won worth of Ethereum Classic, I can short sell 10 million won worth of Ethereum Classic through futures trading.

I will short sell 1,000 Ethereum Classics.

There are 214.215 Ethereum Classics worth 10 million won. 0.005 is not entered, so I will short sell 214.21.

We will show you how to trade Binance Futures.

You can trade futures and short sell in the Futures tab at the bottom of the Binance app. Click the button to enter futures trading.

With ETCUSDT on the top left, I chose Ethereum Classic Futures.

Decided to start trading in isolated futures.

Binance Academy recommends using Isolated.

Also, I will trade 5 times the futures.

5x can buy 5x more than the money I have. When it rises or falls, it is affected by 5 times the price.

If you make the above transaction with 12 million won, you can use the money for hedging by buying 10 million won in spot trade and short selling at 2 million won in futures x5 = 10 million won.

You have set a short sale of 1000 units at $34.123. (If you short-sell 1000 gifts, you would have bought 1000 in kind.)

Finally, press the Sell/Short button.

Oh, the short sale also made a profit.

But don’t be overjoyed.

Also, don’t be too sad about the loss.

We have 214.215 Ethereum Classic Spot and Short (-)214.21 Ethereum Futures.

So, even if the price of ETH fell in futures and resulted in a short sale of 16.42 won, it would be a 16.42 dollar loss in spot.

Conversely, even if you make a profit in futures trading, you are losing that amount in spot.

The reason for trading futures is to make the return zero no matter how the price of Ethereum Classic changes.

Our purpose is to sell Ethereum at a premium on Upbit.

Ethereum Classic has arrived on Upbit.

Arrived yesterday at 23:3x on August 19th and sold as soon as I saw it.

It was sold for 48,360 won.

The amount, amount, and time to be signed will be kept confidential.

At the time, I was thinking of short selling as a futures transaction, but the Ethereum Classic price fell a lot in the short term, and I thought it would rise further, so I omitted the futures transaction. (You are taking a small risk) So the profit and loss on futures is $0.

If you traded 214.21 like this

(48,360 – 46,682) * 214.21 = Revenue of $404,750.

Of course, here Binance transaction fee is about 0.05% (when using BNB with 20% discount on fee) + Upbit transaction fee 0.05% Ethereum Classic transfer fee of 400 won = 0.1% + 400 won

If calculated in this way, 0.1% of 10 million won, 10,000 won + transmission fee 400 won, is excluded.

In the end, I got a profit of 394,350 won.

In 4 hours, safely (although I bet on the upside and took a little risk), the return was 3.94%.

You can check the premium of all coins listed on Upbit, such as Ethereum Classic, on the above site.

And, most importantly, to be able to make money this way, you must be very proficient in depositing, trading, and withdrawing on Binance.

Profits from Kimchi Premium are not always generated. Therefore, it is recommended to practice the procedures of depositing to Binance, purchasing coins, and withdrawing with Upbit before making it proficient in order to capture the profits that occur within a few minutes.

Also, the above drop in yield from 4.07% to 3.94% is largely due to fees.

Sign up for Binance via the link above and get a 20% discount on fees.

How to Maximize Your Short Short Selling Profits on Binance Futures

There are other ways to maximize your profits by trading on Binance Futures.

This is a little risky method.

In the case of Bitcoin futures trading BTCUSDT, the leverage can be used up to 125x.

That means I can trade 125 times more money than I have.

If you have 1 million won, you can buy 125 million won worth of Bitcoin.

Conversely, you can short-sell 125 million won worth of Bitcoin.

If the Bitcoin price rises by 1%, you can earn 1.25 million won, but if it falls by 0.8%, all positions held are forcibly closed and becomes 0 won.

If you are short on a bull market at a high rate or short on a down market at a high rate, you can achieve a very large return.

However, high leverage is not recommended for those new to Binance Futures trading as it is a very risky method.

If this is your first time, please trade at 5x or less. Also, we encourage you to learn with a small amount of money.

As a test, I also traded 50x futures on Binance.

I did it for a very small amount, but in an instant, the price of Bitcoin rose and I got about 10% profit.

If you made $100,000, you would have earned $100,000.

However, with such a high percentage of leverage, there is a very high chance of trading losses.

Therefore, as mentioned earlier, it is safe for first-time traders to trade with a low leverage and a small amount of futures trading.

If you have the skills, please trade at a higher price then.

Also, you can get a 10% discount on futures trading with the Binance invitation link I introduced earlier, so please sign up through the link at the top of the blog~

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