Coinbase PNG Pangolin listing good news DeFi

Coinbase PNG Pangolin listing good news DeFi

hello? I am a dream capitalist.

Today, we will look at the good news of Coinbase’s PNG Pangolin listing.

The PNG Pangolin coin, which is listed on Coinbase today, is a bit of an unusual coin. And DeFi coins like Uniswap.

Binance Coin Exchange

Binance is the largest exchange in the world.

The Pangolin coin, which is listed on Coinbase this time, is not yet listed on Binance, but since it is listed on Coinbase, it is highly likely that it will be listed on Binance soon.

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Coinbase Pangolin PNG coin listing good news

What is PNG Pangolin Coin?

First, what is pangolin?

In Korean, it is called pangolin.

This is the first animal I’ve ever seen and heard of.

It may look a little creepy or it may look cute, but I think it looks very similar to an armadillo. Not an armadillo.

The Pangolin Pangolin PNG is a nocturnal animal and has a well-developed sense of smell!

Additionally, it is said to be the only mammal with keratin vinyl.

http://If you want to know more about pangolins, watch National Geographic on YouTube:

Looking at Coin’s logo picture again, it seems that PNG really resembles Pangolin.

Pangolin PNG Coin is not listed on any well-known exchanges other than Korea or Gateio. So you may not be familiar with it. Same for me.

The exchanges where Pangolin is listed are as follows.

It is listed on Gateio, LBANK, MEXC and Pangolin.

Oh, it’s listed on Pangolin?

Yes, it is. Pangolin is listed on Pangolin, and Pangolin is an exchange and DeFi coin.

This is the Pangolin website.

You can do DeFi trading on Pangolin.

The total trading volume recorded more than 23 trillion won in trading volume, and it has more than 37 million dollars of liquidity.

High trading volume in DeFi is competitive, so it can be seen as a good thing for the coin.

Pangolin can trade Avalanche and Ethereum assets with fast payments and low fees on Avalanche.

Pangolin has a lot of partners.

Having a lot of partners is of course a good thing for Coins.

If you are serving on the Avalanche network, of course, Avalanche is your partner,

Coin98 Wallet, Maker, BENQi, Snowball, etc. are partners.

There are more partners collaborating with Pangolin at the bottom, but I think it is enough to introduce these, so I will omit the additional partners.

Let’s take a look at the PNG Pangolin coin on Coinbase.

The current price is 132 won.

Its market capitalization is only 17 billion.

The overall coin ranking is 723th.

Today’s Coinbase listing was up about 20% on the good news.

It seems to have risen significantly among coins listed on Coinbase in a long time.

Looking at past coin prices…

It was a bit of a dark time.

Coins that used to cost around 5,000 won were cut into 100 pieces to almost 50 won.

Many DeFi coins go through a similar process.

However, in the past month or so, it has risen from 54 won to 110 won, and today it is listed on Coinbase and is rising to 130 won.

In view of this, it is a coin that does not know when it will see another big decline despite the good news of the Coinbase listing.

The coin price movement over the past three months is as follows.

The coin price rose from the 60 won range to the 80 won range, but fell again to 54 won.

After that, the trading volume surged in August, showing that the coin settled in the 100 won range.

Then, today, as the good news of the Coinbase listing was announced, it rose to 132 won.

I personally believe that the price of Pangolin Coin will gradually rise if the market expands, starting with Coinbase exchange listing and listing on other tier 1 exchanges. I think it will go down after maintaining it.

Also, in the short term, it is listed on Coinbase, and I think that it can cause a big rise if US capital flows. If the trading volume after listing is low and there are no additional listings on exchanges, it seems difficult to expect a short-term rise.

Please note that this is my personal opinion on the rise and fall of the coin price.

Coinbase’s announcement.

The Pangolin Coin PNG will begin trading when liquidity is met after 1:00 AM on October 7, 2022.

Trading of Pangolin PNG coins on Coinbase may not be supported in all regions.

The characteristics of an animal called a pangolin include a hard shell, a crouching body, and a good sense of smell.

The listing of PNG Pangolin coin on Coinbase also looks like it will have to wait and see whether it will show an exploding rise that causes a huge rise by crouching and unfolding, or whether the coin walks its own path, unlike animals.

Pangolin Coins are currently available for trading on Gateio.

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